About me

I’m 26 years old, born and bred in the wonderful city of Melbourne, Australia. For the past seven odd years I’ve lived the life of the perpetual university student, studying environmental geography and forestry.

Despite being stuck at uni, I have still managed escape overseas almost every year – when not travelling, I’ve been saving for or planning my next adventure.

In May 2013 I finally handed in my thesis, polished off my Masters, and bid farewell to uni for good…well, for the foreseeable future at least. So, to put off answering real life questions such as “so, what will you do next?”, I have taken off overseas for my post-uni trip of a lifetime.

I love food, photography, the outdoors, coffee, people watching, wine, exploring new cities, and meeting new people, so this is what travelling is largely about for me. I also tend to come home with a few crazy tales of accidental (mis)adventures, so hopefully this blog will be a record of these as well. It is as much for my own record as anything else, but also for friends, family, and anyone else who stumbles across it.

I’m starting off in Europe, travelling around for a few months visiting friends, revisiting some old haunts (Copenhagen, here I come!) and hopefully exploring a few new countries. From there I head to Sri Lanka and then south-east Asia, hopefully picking up some work along the way, and then….who knows? Wherever the road may take me.


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