Falling off the blog-train

I’ve just realised it’s been a month since my last post.

I could pull out lots of excuses – I’ve been busy, I haven’t had my computer, I haven’t been online a lot. Some of that would be true – during my two crazy weeks travelling around the Spanish countryside with 100 forestry students I barely had a minute to myself, let alone time to update this blog. And then Granada. Well, lying around in a hammock takes up a lot of time and energy, okay?

But really, what I’ve realised is the need to maintain momentum. The longer the time between posts, the more I feel I have to catch up on. The more I feel I have to catch up on, the more daunting the prospect of posting is, and so on and so forth. I guess it’s kind of like replying to that message or email a friend has sent, in that the longer it goes unanswered, the more meaningful you think your reply has to be, whereas in fact a short ‘hi, I’m here’ update would probably suffice, or would at least avoid that pissed off ‘why haven’t you replied?!’

So that’s what this post is. Getting me back into the mindset of blogging, letting you all know I’m here, and that no, I haven’t forgotten about it. And that a bunch of (real) updates are on their way…hopefully soon!


3 thoughts on “Falling off the blog-train

  1. Miss Penny Black

    Can I just say that you timed your hiatus well? I haven’t read another person’s blog for about 6 weeks so this is a great time to start reposting.. if you don’t want me harassing you constantly;).
    How was Granada? May I admit to knowing precisely nothing about it?

  2. Thorn

    I don’t know if this happens to all bloggers, but what you’re describing is me to a tee. I want to do a long and detailed post, can’t find the time, don’t do it, other stuff happens, then it all starts to feel like too much. What Amanda’s taught me is that posting something is better than posting nothing at all. Break up the big post in to several smaller ones if you have to, but just keep updating, otherwise it won’t happen. So don’t stress too much – you could even dot point some of the things that happened, and then do another blog post expanding upon them later. But yes, please do keep blogging, your posts and photos are excellent! 🙂

    1. msmuppet Post author

      Naw, shucks. Thanks!

      I do try to break things up, it’s when so many things have happened and so long since posts that it gets overwhelming. Two posts in draft stage now, so more is coming soon!


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